Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vampire Weekend - Step

This song is incredibly infectious. I think I can still listen to it dozens of times without getting sick of it. Maybe. We'll see.

Yesterday evening there was a small outdoor music festival near where I live...on the streets style. I went out for dinner and ate crab cakes al fresco (yay, summer!) and then walked around to see all the different performances. There were many people doing the very same thing and it was lovely to just wander around, enjoying the summer vibes and spending the evening in such a fun atmosphere, with lots of interestingly dressed people of all ages.
My favorite performance was by a band of recent high school graduates who incorporated saxophones, tableaus, and choreography into their performance, which made for a unique and highly entertaining show. Oh, they also had matching outfits. Who says kids these days are apathetic...these guys were so energetic and enthusiastic that they drew audience members like, um, moths to a flame.

It takes so much dedication, discipline, and drive (yay, alliteration!) to become proficient at playing a musical instrument. I'm still arguably slaving away at the guitar but I don't think anyone except for myself and maybe my mother would enjoy these little performances. Oh well. In my case, it's more for enjoyment than to present art to an actual audience. 

Getting back to the point, street performances are most definitely a brilliant idea and should happen as much as possible. Although I did feel sorry for the older ladies who walked past with their hands tightly clamped to their ears. But still, live music is gooood!

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  1. I love this song! I feel so accomplished that I knew it before you posted it ;) Now I'm listening to it on repeat.

    It sounds like you had a fun weekend! I wish we had more of those street performances here, but a mid-West town is not known for that sort of thing :) I completely agree with your d, d, and d assessment of becoming proficient at ANYTHING - it makes me wish we had more hours in the day! But to enjoy something like the guitar is really wonderful, even if you're not playing on a stage (and really, I'll bet you're better than you say :) ).

    Enjoy your week, Lucy!