Friday, June 21, 2013

Miike Snow - Paddling Out

So I've somehow gotten addicted to the show Castle and occasionally watch several episodes in a row while drinking tea and imagining life as a writer, living in a fabulous apartment in New York. One of the main characters, Richard Castle, is a successful mystery novel author and his apartment is magnificent - spacious, open-concept, contemporary but still cozy and inviting. And that's not the only positive feature of the show. Castle himself is charming and brings humor and warmth to a genre that's usually stark and depressing. I don't think there's any other crime-y series that I would look forward to watching, eek. His partner in (solving) crime is Kate Beckett, tough and relentless in carrying out her duty in the pursuit of justice, da da daaaa! Beckett's co-workers, and Castle's daughter and mother are also delightful and often hilarious characters. His mother is an actress in flamboyant clothing and I want her least the scarves. In general, I enjoy author-related stuff, even if it's a bit silly. Seeing the portrayal of people's imaginations creating something out of nothing, using words to bring magic into the world, thinking a little bit differently, and finding inspiration in seemingly insignificant fascinating and makes me want to write more myself. Now I'm just rambling. So, to conclude, have you SEEN Castle's fireplace? Magnificent.

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