Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Magic Man - Paris

More happy music for sunny summer. 

I live on top of a (very large) hill/mountain and most of the time the sky is blue. Then, when driving down it sometimes changes, like today when the car suddenly became engulfed in thick clouds and mysterious ocean mists. Perhaps this supermoon that's been happening is having a super effect on the tides and creating super mist. 

Wimbledon, which happens to be my most favorite tennis tournament, is happening right now. Whenever it's on and I see the players in their crisp white tennis sportswear, running around on the pretty green courts I really want to eat strawberries and cream. Although I recently heard that you're not supposed to eat them (the strawberries, not the players) while watching but only afterwards. Which doesn't exactly make any sense. That would take all the fun out of eating something delicious while watching other people exert themselves ;-) Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens now that Federer and Nadal are already out of the competition!

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  1. Wow, that must be pretty creepy driving down through mists - it's not dangerous? I didn't know you lived on the top of a mountain hill! You must get some pretty incredible views up there (assuming, of course, it's not misty :) ).

    You're really not supposed to eat the strawberries until after the tournament? I imagined it like a movie theater, only more classy, with strawberries instead of popcorn. I suppose it must be an etiquette thing (?)

    Have a great weekend, Lucy!