Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Day of Sweet Freedom!

Well, winter is just about over (though the weather disagrees)...which means that it's time to head back to work for one more semester of elementary school in Korea. Today is my last day of I will continue to watch gluttonous amounts of Parks & Recreation. I have now reached the glory of Season 4. The thought of finishing all the episodes and being unable to prolong my obsessive continuous nonstop viewing frightens me. What will I do with myself? Sigh. I wish I could work for Leslie Knope.

I'm now temped to go back and revisit all three seasons of Arrested Development. And perhaps try watching Community, I haven't gotten around to that one yet.

Sweet hilarious television, how comforting thou art! In the depths of winter, ice, and permanently cold feet thou provideth solace and joy. 

And now it's time to return to Pawnee.

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