Sunday, February 26, 2012

Of Strawberry Croissants and Academy Awards

Paris Baguette is a bakery chain here in Korea. It's like Starbucks - ubiquitous and inescapable...but instead of boring coffee, it offers up oodles of delicious baked treats. And a couple of baguettes, which people rarely buy.

On this particular occasion, I wanted to try something from their Strawberry Festival selection. Apparently it's already strawberry season - all the markets are filled with big, juicy strawberries. This delicious croissant had some light not overly sweet custardy cream inside, along with these cute, bright little berries. Yum! Croissants are such a delightful treat.

This morning I'm attempting to watch the Oscars on my computer. At 8 in the morning. Hooray for major time zone differences! But I really want to see all the pretty dresses. No matter what kind of politics and campaigning and taking-things-too-seriously may be happening behind the scenes, I always enjoy seeing beautiful gowns. And there are always a few films I get excited about too. This year there's a bit of a French theme - lovely!

Time for some fashion fun!

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