Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mozart, the Rock Opera!

A couple of days ago I got the chance to see 'Mozart, the Rock Opera' at the beautiful Keimyung Art Center. I love going to shows - plays, musicals, concerts, operas, ballets, recitals, readings - all of these wonderful creative performances make me feel inspired and incredibly alive. I used to do quite a bit of theatre back in the day and I miss it terribly. Everyone needs an outlet I suppose.

Anywho, getting back to the show. The overall look, including costumes, sets, and lighting, was stunningly gorgeous, lavish, colourful, unique, and quite magical. The 1700s exploded with colour and modern boldness. Some bits reminded me of Cirque du Soleil. There was plenty of glitter and the richness and vibrancy of all the colours made my eyes pop. It was a treat visually.

Even though everything was in Korean (the original version is French), I could still follow the story. More importantly, the music was so fun and most of the songs were combined with creative choreography so I never felt lost or bored. Some of the singers were very talented and there were several goosebumps-worthy moments.

Of course it's quite fluffy but many fluffy things are awesome. This show was pure fun and I could easily watch it again and enjoy the visual spectacle and catchy songs. It's kind of like Moulin Rouge in that way - over the top and magnificent.

Now, what can I watch next?

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