Saturday, February 4, 2012

Of Cabin Fever, Mozart Rock Operas, and Nut Tea

February is a bit of a funny month for me - from the 6th to the 17th I will go back to work at Youngshin Elementary School. During this time the kids will have a graduation ceremony but besides that there's nothing to really teach so hopefully I can think of some fun activities to do with them. The rest of February is vacation time again (yay!) and then a brand new school year with shiny new students starts in March. I hope it will be awesome.

I've definitely been feeling cabin feverish and restless lately. Vacations are one of the best things ever and I'm super lucky to have such a long winter vacation...but since I didn't really travel anywhere and the weather is quite cold, it's been very much an indoors make your own adventure kind of situation. Even though I am armed with a decent imagination, nothing compares to running around outside, breathing fresh air and feeling freeee! 

So, a couple of solutions to this abundance of indoorsy-ness. First, my bf got us tickets to the Mozart Rock Opera, oh yeah! Just looking at those costumes makes me happy. We're going at the end of this month, during Part 2 of my super long vacation.

And when you can't run around outside or watch rock operas, why not relax with a cup of delicious nut tea? I've only seen this in Korea and it is SO GOOD! I love this drink, there are even pieces of nuts and seeds in it. It tastes deliciously nutty and wholesome. It's more substantial and less watery than normal tea, which makes it very satisfying and comforting. Yum!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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