Saturday, February 11, 2012

Watching: New Girl

It's been a fun week of teaching playing with the kids and now I'm enjoying a cozy, relaxing weekend.

Like this cheerful latte in a bright red cup, New Girl is a show that always brightens up my day and makes me smile. Pretty much ALL television these days is full of cynicism, negativity, pessimism, Kardashians, etc. so I was so delighted to find a show that is the opposite of that.

Characters similar to Jess are usually portrayed as fools who are not really in touch with the realities of life. Here, however, Jess is shown in a very positive light. She sincerely believes in the goodness of others, she's optimistic, she's childlike in a good way (as in not jaded and skeptical of everything). Basically, she's still in touch with the magic of life and refuses to have her world view darkened by others' negativity. (Also, she's funny and wears the most wonderful clothes.)

Most female characters on television are extremely different from this. And I can't think of anyone more 'girly' than Jess. I for one am grateful to have this kind of character on mainstream television. It's important to show that there are many ways of being female and that feminism does not require us to act in masculine ways and leave girlishness behind. 

I'm proud of being a girl. I enjoy being a girl. I also tend to see the world through rose coloured glasses. And there is nothing wrong or demeaning about that. 

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