Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Delightful Discovery

I arrived at the UCSD bookstore this morning at 10am, needing a book to tide me over these last couple of weeks and feeling especially bookish as it was raining pretty hard (gasp!). Sadly, the bookstore was closed and was not to be opened until noon. What's a girl to do? In my case, the obvious answer was to head on over to Whole Foods, drink some rooibus tea, have a delicious snack (which included organic Greek style yogurt - sooo thick and creamy, yum!), and wander around a bit before jumping on the bus and going back to the bookstore. No way would I give up on my literary mission :)

The book I settled on is one I had never actually heard of before - 'Villette' by Charlotte Bronte. I must confess, the only book of hers that I've previously read is 'Jane Eyre'. I love reading about her life as well, and if it's available, I would love to read Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Life of Charlotte Bronte' someday soon. I think it's so interesting that they were friends - two passionate, talented, fascinating female authors who not only respected each other's work but were also close friends. It's always interesting to learn more about how their real life experiences and relationships crept into their work...although at the same time I like to think of these different worlds as completely separate, so that you can really escape into the books :)

Well, 'Villette' sounds absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to start reading it! Here's to some good reading :)

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