Monday, February 8, 2010

Dozy Dreams

As I was dozing off to sleep last night, for some reason I started imagining what kind of music I would play if I did indeed some day own a little bookstore (offering nutritional consultations in the back room of course!). This is what I came up with:

She & Him
Cat Power
Beach House
The Magic Numbers
Simon and Garfunkel
Bat for Lashes
My Morning Jacket
Devendra Banhart
Belle & Sebastian

And thrown in for good measure: Debussy, Chopin, Vivaldi, and various jazz and opera music (depending on the time of day).

There would be dark wooden shelves, a little tea bar serving loose leaf tea, little round tables scattered throughout the shop, and an upstairs level that feels like a cozy loft.

In this age of kindles and iPhones and iPads and digital everything, I think the people who have always loved holding a book in their hands and turning the textured pages and enjoying the fragrance of a new book will keep on doing so, thus keeping real live books alive (even if they become endangered). I don't understand how the beauty, character, uniqueness, and solidity of any one book can be thrown away for a generic digital version. Sigh.

It seems like all the old things are being processed into a high-tech, modern version, soulless and fragmented and unhealthy. This even happened with food - whole, natural, wholesome food replaced with boxed, mass-produced, chemical-laden mysteries.

Okay, rant over. It's always important to stay positive, have hope, and create positive change by taking conscious action and making healthy, happy choices :)

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  1. I'd go to your bookstore :)

    I'll never give up books for a Kindle, never!