Thursday, February 18, 2010

Downtown San Diego - Sights and Sounds

Well, not too many sights to be seen as I still don't have access to my camera-laptop cord thingy, but I can describe them and leave all the work to ye olde imagination! After a fantastic hour and a half of tennis in the sun, I took the bus and two trolleys to get to gorgeous San Diego Bay. The weather was perfect - clear skies, lots of rays, and a cool breeze. There were many people out and about and it felt as though everyone was on vacation...ah, the good life :)

After getting a good glimpse of the blue, sparkling ocean, I headed to the Gaslamp Quarter for the first time. I absolutely adore old architecture and anything from the nineteenth century, so it was lovely to see those old, atmospheric buildings. Most of them are now restaurants, but I put my olde imagination to work :)

The convention centre is right next to the Gaslamp Quarter, so I saw seemingly hundreds of physiotherapists congregating in the area. I chatted with one very nice lady while waiting in line for tea. Everyday I'm reminded of how friendly people are here!

Oh, as for the sounds, there was some great live music by the Bay. Guitar music, hooray!

On the way home, I had some delicious gelato. My favourite flavour is stracciatella and that's what I had today - yummy!



  1. Your descriptions always make me want to go there! It's cloudy and cold here now in the Northeast :P Can't wait to see some pictures!

    I like hazelnut-chocolate gelato, although I think it has a particular name? Anyway, it's delicious!

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  2. I think the name of that particular flavour is nocciola and I now remember eating it when I was in Italy a few months ago. I guess they have a lot of hazelnuts growing there as I saw them all over the place - delicious indeed :)