Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sensational Sunday

I had a fantabulous day of sunny outdoor fun today...oh San Diego, how I love thee! Early in the morning, I took a bus and two trolleys to get to San Diego Bay and enjoyed a gorgeous walk by the water, admiring all the pretty sailboats and old pirate ships (maybe they weren't really pirate ships, but they certainly looked like they could be). Seaport Village was very quaint with its small, old fashioned looking buildings, cheerful atmosphere, and colourful feel. Mostly I liked it because it is home to one of the coziest (yet still lively) bookstores I have had the pleasure of stumbling upon. It's called Upstart Crow and I wish it existed back where I live, sigh. Do check out the web site, there's a cute picture and it explains the name. I was so tempted to buy a book, they had such a great selection and lots of classics and historical novels (obviously aimed at people who feel that they belong to another me :) ).

After exploring the bay, I walked over to Little Italy. I basically walked down the main street, which was quite beautiful and filled with restaurants, bistros, art galleries, and, oddly enough, a big dark British Pub (which looked very busy). I heard lots of people speaking Italian and enjoyed a bit of delicious cappucino and half of a big, soft, chewy cookie full of giant chunks of chocolate - yum yum. What a great day! And it doesn't feel like February at all - no hibernation required :)

I have started reading 'Villette' and so far it is very good. Obviously great writing style, interesting and distinctive characters, a bit of a gothic tone (which I love, enough to have taken a Gothic Novels course back in university), and it looks like I'm starting to get to the really juicy part :)

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go to San Diego's historic Gaslamp District. I love old buildings, cobblestone streets, and unique little coffeehouses.


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