Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Outdoors

What a wonderful Sunday day :) It actually feels very good to be home, despite the cooler temperatures. Seeing evergreens, sprawling snow-capped mountains, so much GREEN's pretty spectacular! And I still got to play tennis outside in the sun, so there's no reason to miss that yet.

One of my favourite destinations for a good walk that feels like a journey through the woods (sort of) is Campbell Valley Park. It's wonderfully serene, green, and always filled with birdsong and super fresh air. Going there today brought a great feeling of groundedness...I felt like I was reconnecting with the earth again somehow. I also got to feed some beautiful chickadees. I always bring crushed nuts, which they seem to really enjoy. Having a tiny little bird land gently and gracefully on your hand is quite lovely :)

Being in the woods always makes me think of why we are so strongly drawn to some places. Where and what are we looking for exactly? Peace? Communion with nature? Roots? Or are different people searching for very different things in very different places? Although I think we are all drawn to nature, even if we don't always know it.

Where do you look to for peace and a feeling of reconnection?


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