Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well, today is the big day. Here's what I'm thinking at the moment...

What I will miss about California:
Sunshine, sandy beaches, watching the waves, watching surfer dudes, the beauty of the land (palm trees, cliffs, flowers oh my!), the relaxing atmosphere, playing tennis in the sun every morning, shopping at Whole Foods, outdoor "malls", all the outdoorsy attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, strolling along the big bay, discovering new neighbourhoods such as Little Italy, talking to lots of lovely people (although this is certainly possible in plenty of other places :) ), and just soaking up the sunny, optimistic air of this place.

What I am looking forward to at home:
My bed, cooking in my kitchen, cooking something other than soup, seeing people I miss, going to the library (yes, really!), renting
'Bright Star' and finally watching it, listening to music without having to use tiny earphones that keep falling out of my tiny ears, visiting the patch of ocean near my house, seeing the mountains and big green trees, watching the Olympics, getting certified to teach English as a second language, frolicking in Vancouver, visiting CSNN, putting together photo albums to chronicle all of this traveling :)

All in all, I feel immensely lucky that I had the chance to come and stay here for such a long time, and that the home I am flying back to is also such a fantastic, gorgeous place :)

And now for last minute packing and what not. Cheerio!

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