Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Butter Biscuit Conversation

The Biscuits Before Bed "Challenge" continues!

Yesterday I walked to the nearest supermarket to pick up a few necessities (mainly lettuce, onions, and eggs - not too shabby). I also picked up some butter biscuits.

In Korea, the word 'premium' is often used to advertise products and promote them as being super high quality. It's not just your average biscuit, oh no - it's a premium biscuit! In this case, this statement is further emphasized by the European artwork on the biscuit box. European things are always premium.

Here is the conversation between Mother (With a Hat) and (Glossy Haired) Daughter (also known as Cynthia):

Mother: Cynthia, the air is rather brisk this fine morning. Why didn't you wear your hat?

Daughter: Mumsie, just look at my glossy hair! I simply cannot cover such glorious glossiness with head ornaments. I would get hat hair! 

Mother: This is true, my daughter. Sad, but true. But we must fortify ourselves somehow. If you were to catch a chill, I would never forgive myself.

Daughter: Oh, mumsie! I have a marvelous idea! How about fortifying ourselves with a scrumptious biscuit?

Mother: A biscuit?

Daughter: A biscuit!

Mother: Oh, Cynthia...a lady such as I does not dine on mere biscuits. Why, that is food fit for horses, not ladies with large head ornaments and their glossy-haired children! How silly you can be.

Daughter: But, mumsie - this is not just any dry biscuit! This is a PREMIUM biscuit!

Mother: What's that you say? A PREMIUM biscuit? Well, that changes everything. 

Daughter: Yes, it does. Shall we eat our biscuits now?

Mother: Oh dear, eating outside like a peasant. And without the servants! Why don't we start our journey back to the castle? We can fortify ourselves in the dining hall. The servants will wait on us.

Daughter: Mumsie, I am a strong and rather independent girl. That's why my hair is so glossy. I can eat a biscuit without the help of the servants. 

Mother: No! 

Daughter: Yes mumsie, it is true. Also, this is a butter biscuit. 

Mother: A butter biscuit?

Daughter: A butter biscuit! 

Mother: Why, that is my favourite kind of crunchy, yet melty, treat!

Daughter: Yes, it is.

Mother: This is the only kind of premium biscuit that I would consume while strolling out-of-doors. Its premium-ness fills the act of eating with dignity and a minimum amount of crumbs.

Daughter: Most certainly, dear mumsie. Have a biscuit.

Mother: I am so happy.

Daughter: Me, too mumsie. Me, too. And it is all because of this delicious, yet rather small, premium butter biscuit. 

Mother and Daughter share a hug, and then eat more biscuits out-of-doors.

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  1. Hahahah amazing!
    I vote for more biscuit-inspired tea time theatre!