Friday, January 27, 2012

Chandelier earrings and cute teacups...

Yesterday I received a care package from my awesome parents, lovely! It included necessities such as vitamins, iron supplements, a gorgeous cardigan, and these beautiful earrings. 

I adore dangly, sparkly earrings. Especially chandelier earrings. Life is short, and wearing twinkly, gorgeous earrings makes any day more special. Also, your artistic inclinations will undoubtedly strengthen and become forever enhanced by the magical quality of such not so ordinary accessories. It's a glorious transformation that starts at the ears.

What else makes the day more special? Meeting a friend for peppermint tea and drinking out of this cute cup. Cafe Roma is still my favourite. Yesterday, the scent of cinnamon lingered around our table for a full hour...heavenly. I really really hope I will never go to Starbucks again. I've been spoiled here in Korea, spoiled in a wonderful way.

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