Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shopping Spree - cute skirt edition...

Yesterday afternoon featured the First Shopping Spree of 2012. These are four of ten items that I purchased, eek! Of course, everything was on sale. For a shopping spree to go successfully and make you feel satisfied and elated, you must stick with the sales - stay tough, smart, and keep your eyes on the pretty prize.

I adore skirts. They're lovely. They're feminine. They're comfortable. Putting on a skirt rather than a pair of jeans makes me feel different, and usually I feel more like a Skirt person than a Trousers/Jeans person. 

Winter is super cold this year so I haven't been thinking much about gorgeous outfits. Instead, I've been wearing layers upon layers of my warmest clothes. My winter look = marshmallow yeti.

Trying on beautiful clothes, twirling around giddily, and getting to take some lovely things home felt awesome after all this dreary winter-wear. Now I'm tempted to buy a super warm pair of tights and wear skirts for the rest of the winter, and beyond ;-)

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  1. Very cute! How to stay warm with skirts: layer several pairs of tights, or wear fleece lined leggings! Oh, and wear over-the-knee socks or leg warmers under your boots :)