Friday, January 13, 2012

Future luxuries that I would like to enjoy in my life (not the eggs and tofu in the photos, though I like them too, very much)

So cooking is going well so far. A little home cooking every day makes the world brighter and more nutritious. And actually it makes my apartment feel a lot more like home, nice. Unfortunately, my photos are not of the shiny magazine type. I took them with my iPod. Which people always mistake for an iPhone. I should pretend it's the latest super thin and sleek model and make imaginary calls with it.

By the way, onions + mushrooms + garlic + olive oil = heavenly :-) I love when simple things taste great. I adore mushrooms and they're much cheaper and more common here, especially oyster mushrooms. 

Now let's get to the main part of this post - Future Luxuries That I Would Like To Enjoy in My Life

1. A fireplace. It's warm, instant coziness - comforting, atmospheric, pretty, and suggests the feeling of Christmas. Imagine - outside the weather is horrific...freezing rain is beating down, multiple winds are howling in every direction, the darkness of the sky portends doom...but you manage to drag yourself to the safety of home and collapse in front of your lovely fireplace. The flames are warm and comforting. You wrap yourself in a blanket, have a cup of hot cocoa, and suddenly all is alright in the world. 

2. A library/study room. Lined with book cases. With a table and some comfy chairs and a sofa because reading while you're lounging around rather than sitting upright is the best. Why sit and suffer when you can luxuriate on your very own sofa? Maybe the sofa is from Versailles...or at least a replica. If it doesn't resemble a sofa from Versailles it's not really a luxury, is it? It's just any old sofa. But this room is about books, not sofas! And how could you not want to study in such a room? Just going inside it will make you smarter - an intellectual with an affinity for antique sofas. Lovely!

3. A samovar. I have vague recollections of giant samovars from the Old Country (Russia) but they remain a little mysterious in my eyes. Yes, they are clearly for tea time. And princesses. And since it's so big you can have a whole tea party, princess style, and make casual samovar references to your friends so they can fully appreciate the amazingness (and mystery) of your samovar. "Masha, would you like another cuppa from my giant samovar? Oh, don't worry, there's still lots of tea left - the samovar is very big".


  1. Hahaha "the samovar is very big"!!

    We have a fireplace in my apt but it doesn't we just put lots of big thick candles and it's just as good :)

  2. Your fireplace is pretty and makes for a lovely atmosphere :-)