Monday, January 23, 2012

Raise your hand if you're a hypochondriac...

Sometimes I worry about things. Like what to say when meeting a friend's relatives. Or how to find bathrooms when traveling. There's the fear of getting lost. Saying something rude by accident, or mispronouncing something (especially when I attempt to speak a language that is not English). Getting thirsty when I'm in a movie theatre but having nothing to drink. Missing the bus. 

And then there's the big one: getting sick. I'm sure I worry too much about my health. This worry in turn leads to actions and anxiety that inevitably result in illness.

Once, I got really sick after eating two persimmons. I thought I had a bezoar. I'm pretty sure I have never in my life had a bezoar, but I haven't touched a persimmon since that incident.

A few times I've been out in extremely snowy and freezing conditions. My feet especially tend to turn into icicles and it takes a long time for them to regain feeling again. So naturally I was scared I'd gotten frostbite and feared for my innocent toes.

And every time I get a cold that doesn't quickly disappear I worry about how long it will take to recover. A lot of scientific research says that laughter and a positive, optimistic attitude strengthen the immune system and speed up recovery time. So I watch comedies (and worry that they are not funny enough to produce sufficiently powerful laughter).

As I try to achieve more balance in my life (and attempt to keep my overactive imagination from overpowering me), I can always count on three things to make everything better:

1. Vitamin C juice in a glass bottle. It's like drinking Pure Sunny Health. Just look at the girl on the bottle, she's never been sick in her life!

2. Eating vegetables, especially green ones. The power of the earth is in each little bite. Amazing. A little olive oil makes it even better.

3. Gilmore Girls Seasons 1 & 2 (and 3). The most comforting show ever. And it's funny, so your immune system benefits too.

Here's to health and happiness :-)

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  1. Ok so I didn't know what a bezoar was so I googled it...gross!!! Reminds me of the time I looked at photos of gallstones. Did you know that gallstones look just like real stones? All faceted and everything. Weird.
    Also I don't think the persimmons gave you a bezoar. Wikipedia says you get them from unripe persimmons, which I'm pretty sure are basically inedible, so a delicious ripe persimmon would be perfectly healthy! From one hypochondriac to another :)