Thursday, January 12, 2012

Afternoon tea

Mmm, a nice and delicious post today - who doesn't love cake? And biscuits? Two of the best things in life! 

But first up - these are my freshly painted nails. Cosmetics shops are abundant here and while I'm not hugely into make-up, I love selecting nail polish and always want to paint my nails a new colour. It's easy to do here due to the previously mentioned abundance and array of choices, and also because nail polish is incredibly cheap in these cute little shops.

Back to cake! And biscuits! One of the many reasons I love England is Afternoon Tea Time. To me, there are few pleasures in life as satisfying as sitting down with a friend, a cup of tea, and something sweet (and preferably chocolatey). It's marvelous. And I think it's more of a lady time thing - when I attempt to have tea time with a boy, the sweet thing gets consumed far too quickly, the tea is not fully appreciated (or declined altogether! gasp!), and the chit chat doesn't really develop to its full potential. 

When ladies sit down for afternoon tea, hours may go by without notice, more than one cup of tea may be required, and the sweet thing lasts a little longer (unless one of the ladies happens to be very hungry).

I have also started a new tradition for myself - Biscuits Before Bed. While there is a noticeable absence of chit chat, this is more about quiet time to unwind and prepare for a night of glorious sleep. A bit of reading, some herbal tea, and a biscuit or two (or sometimes even three!) make the evening feel complete. 

Possible future "challenges": 

1) Tea time every day

2) Trying all the different biscuits available in Korea (or at Home Plus, the supermarket where I go shopping)

I hope you get to enjoy tea time today :-)


  1. I love this! Pretty nail polish. And you know how I feel about tea...I haven't started the every day blogging thing... I'm still going to try. Maybe it'll be every week day for me, though.

  2. You're super incredibly busy; you can adapt it to your schedule ;-) We went to some lovely tea shops in Vancouver, such lovely memories :-)