Sunday, January 1, 2012

Comfort...from the screen

There are some movies, TV shows, songs, books, other various media whatsits that never fail to cheer me up, or bring forth oodles of nostalgia, or make me feel intensely happy to be alive. Instant coziness and comfort! Here are some of the aforementioned whatsits:


- Almost Famous
- Roman Holiday
- Pretty in Pink/Sixteen Candles/The Breakfast Club/Say Anything...
- Elf
- Little Women
- Edward Scissorhands
- Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were Rabbit
- Sense and Sensibility
- Only You
- The Shop Around the Corner


Gilmore Girls
Arrested Development
Freaks and Geeks
The Vampire Diaries (hehe)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer


- Simon and Garfunkel
- Queen
- The National
- Cat Stevens
- Bat for Lashes
- Silverchair
- 80s music in general
- Christmas music
- old soft rock that gets played on the radio
- movie soundtrack songs and TV theme songs....ex) Time of My Liiiife or I Don't Want to Wait


- His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman
- Roald Dahl - especially Matilda and The Witches
- Jane Austen
- Elizabeth Gaskell
- Tamora Pierce (the Lioness Quartet, Immortals Quartet)
- Victorian lit (especially by female authors) in general, fantasy (esp by female authors) not quite in general
- Agatha Christie
- Sherlock Holmes stories
- Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen
- Hamish Macbeth series by M.C. Beaton

And now to wind things up as it is time to refuel and watch some Gilmore Girls! Hooray for vacations!!!


  1. Ohh Almost Famous...I hated that movie so much. I'm curious to watch it again and see if I feel the same. I suspect I would, judging by how awful Elizabethtown and how bad We Bought a Zoo looks.

    I like the rest of your film list though! It's nice to have comfy-cozy things to return to :)

  2., Almost Famous is fantastic and awesome and wrapped in sweet wonderfulness :-D